Ida Bergkvist Poulsen, Denmark

This message is actually just to tell you that I’m really happy about my Steripen. I bought it on Amazon one year ago and I wrote a review on Amazon that I want to share with you – it goes like this:

“I got the Steripen about one year ago. I have been travelling to West-Africa for the last 15 years and in the villages getting clean water can be difficult. Since my first travel I decided not to buy water in bottles – it’s expensive and unhandy and in my opinion disrespectful to people and nature.

The first 14 years I have been using different systems to clean the water from the well. I have used different systems where you pump the water through a ceramic filter and also one that would hang and the water would ran through. Those systems worked most of the time and it was OK but it took at least 10-15 minutes and a bit of struggle to clean 1/2 litre of water – and when you are in a place where it’s 30-40 degrees celsius it’s just to much when you are thirsty NOW and you drink up to 4 litres every day.

Everything about drinking water got a lot more quick and easy using the Steripen. I can take it with me everywhere I go – it’s handy and easy to use. 1/2 litre takes one minute to clean – and it IS clean – I was also a bit sceptical in the beginning – but I thought “if the US military use it – I can use it as well”.

There is a few things to consider:
You have to get rechargeable batteries for it, otherwise you would use a lot of batteries  and the batteries you get in the countryside in Africa are usually not very powerful so it might not even work with those.

Remember to charge the batteries – make a routine – like charge it every night when you sleep. And bring emergency batteries of good quality if you should forget to charge a few times – or if there is a power-cut so you can’t charge it.

I have experienced a few times that after I charged my batteries Steripen said there was no power (red lamp) but then I removed the batteries and put them back or I pushed the button a little longer and after a while it worked. If you never tried being without water you don’t know the desperate feeling you can get – but maybe it’s good to try it at least once as a spoiled westerner.

I would recommend to get the bottle also – it’s really practical. Can be boiled and washed and it’s solid. OK have a nice travel to far away places…”

Merry Christmas to you all and a happy New Year!

Best regards,
Ida Bergkvist Poulsen, Denmark

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