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Lightweight water treatment for peak performance in the outdoors! Adventurer Opti was built for the toughest mountains and rivers in the world. Backpacker Magazine gave it their Editor’s Choice Award in 2011 for changing the face of portable water treatment. Recipient of a 2012 Desnival Award … one of the 15 best new products. When camping, backpacking & hiking, if you won't have access to the power grid for several days a time, Adventurer Opti is the product for you.

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The Adventurer Opti is essential gear for thousands of adventurers! Adventurer Opti features a patent-pending technology – an optical eye senses water to ensures safe use and effective treatments. The revolutionary optical sensor doubles as an integrated LED flashlight for added convenience on the trail or around the campsite: hold down the activation button for three seconds to illuminate the darkness.

Rugged design and construction trusted by thousands of endurance athletes. Adventurer Opti is powered by two CR123 batteries making it lightweight and keeping it operating effectively in even the coldest environments. The long-lasting UV lamp provides 8,000 water treatments! This Adventurer Opti works in containers with a minimum 1.75 inch diameter opening. (Like Nalgene wide-mouth bottles one liter bottles.)

Contents: SteriPEN Adventurer Opti, two disposable (non-rechargeable) CR123 batteries, neoprene case with belt loop, and user’s guide. Three year limited warrantee.

Product Specs
Weight 3.8 oz
Dimensions 6.1 x 1.5 x 1 in
Lamp Life 8,000 treatments
Battery CR123 or RCR123 (included with purchase)
Battery Life Disposable — 100 treatments .5 liter treatments
Rechargeable — 60 .5 liter treatments
Minimium Bottle Diameter 35mm (1.4 inches)
Filter Compatability Non-Tapered End (FitsAll Only)
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We have cycled thousands of kilometers, from the United States to El Salvador and we have used our SteriPEN Adventurer Opti every day while riding to purify our drinking water.
Nico El Salvador
Andrea Rees
Loving my Freedom @SteriPEN, what a difference and that's just in Paris & Nice so far! Love that I can get clean water anytime, anywhere.
Andrea Rees Paris, France
Lea Conlon
During our 5 week Hugging the Coast Kayak Expedition (research on seaweed) in northern Sulawesi, Indonesia we use used our SteriPENs every day! 
Lea Conlon Indonesia

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1 review for Adventurer Opti

  1. Highlander
    5 out of 5


    I’ve had my SteriPEN Adventurer for several years and done several months of pike packing in the Colorado Rockies and this is the best form of purification I’ve ever used (I grew up in the Colorado mountains and used iodine then pumps in various forms). This is simply lighter and far simpler. I’ve used it in cattle country, after filtering through a bandana, without issue. My one suggestion is to make the shorter time be one click rather than two (which should be the longer time).

    • SteriPEN Marketing Team


      Hi Hilander! Great to hear from you and glad you’re making good use of your Adventurer Opti! Just wanted to explain the click order is a safety feature … if a user mistakenly clicks only once, we prefer them to over treat rather than under treat, thus one click indicates one liter in some SteriPEN models. SteriPEN models with LED displays don’t require this safety feature as the user can verify the selected treatment size. Thanks again and please feel free to share your adventures with us at

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FAQs for Adventurer Opti

Q: Do any of your filters use AA batteries, so I can use my rechargeable ones in them? Thank you.
— Asked by Michelle on February 18, 2014
A: The SteriPEN Classic is the model we recommend for AA Lithium batteries. (The Adventurer Opti uses CR123 or RCR123 batteries.) Please note that SteriPEN Classic is a uv water purifier, not a filter. SteriPEN offers the FitsAll Filter which can be used to remove sediment and floaties from water sources such as lakes, streams and ponds prior to treatment making UV water purification more effective.
Q: Here in Europe i can buy it ? If possible give me stores or internet link.
— Asked by Pedro Pereira on March 9, 2014
A: Check for a list of retailers near you.
Q: Will the SteriPen Adventure kill 99.9% of all bacteria like the SteriPen Ultra?
— Asked by Tom on March 31, 2014

This question has not yet been responded to.

Q: Is Adventurer Opti recommended for use outside the United States?
— Asked on January 17, 2014
A: Adventurer Opti requires two CR123 (or RCR123 batteries) which are sometimes difficult to find outside of the United States. However, people have trekked all over the world with the Adventurer Opti. You just might want to travel with extra batteries.
Q: Can the Adventure Opti protect against Giardia?
— Asked by Janne Warnicki on February 18, 2014
A: Absolutely. UV purification is effective against Giardia. Learn more about biological contaminants destroyed by SteriPEN here:
Q: Is the Opti made in USA?
— Asked by Drew on February 18, 2014
A: Adventurer Opti is manufactured in Shenzen, China. It's sister product, Protector Opti, is the exact same device and is assembled in the United States.
Q: First off, I love my steripen adv-opti and use it a lot backpacking. Some of my friends have also now bought them. After having it for a couple years, I noticed the tailcap is cracked right through the "patent" label. Probably from me removing and replacing it over the years. Would it be possible for me to order a replacement? Thanks for your time. R Trent
— Asked by Trent Butler on February 25, 2014
A: Absolutely. Please contact Sheryl White at [email protected] and she will help you replace that cap.
Q: So far all I've seen is how they are used with Nalgene bottles, are they compatible/recommended for use with Camelbak bladders?
— Asked by Ethan on March 9, 2014
A: Great question. We cannot recommend SteriPEN for use with bladders because there can be creases in the lining where water can "hide" and the uv purification can potentially not treat the water in the crease of the bladder leaving contamination in the water. We highly recommend stainless steel, plastic or glass bottles with uniform structure.
Q: My Journey malfunctions intermittently with a flashing unhappy face circle and unhappy face battery display. Sometimes it works OK and sometimes it gets set up with the 1L indicator but as soon as I put it in the water the unhappy faces come up. What's the story here? Thanks, Nat
— Asked by nat crosman on April 12, 2014
A: Hi Nat, The reason for the unhappy face when you place the Journey in water is dependent on where you are seeing it. If you don't have the User Guide that came with your SteriPeN, you can find it here: Please feel free to contact our customer support department at [email protected]
Q: I've loved my SteriPEN Adventure Opti for about 2 years, but have only used it about 30-40 times. When I started use this year, it responds as normal with a green light, then flashing green as well as flashing LED next to the UV light. The UV light doesn't seem to be lighting though. How can I verify it's working? What manufacturer warranties are on my pen?
— Asked by Micah Christiansen on April 14, 2014
A: Hi Micah - The indicators you describe sound like your Adventurer Opti is functioning normally. If you need no longer have your User Guide and need help remember the how the indicator lights work, you can find a copy of the instructions here: For safety reasons, the UV light will not turn on until it is placed in water. If you are unsure that it is lighting in water, we recommend placing it in a clear glass, possibly dimming the lights so that the light from the lamp is easily observed. If then you believe it isn't on, please contact our customer support department at 888-826-6234. Your SteriPEN comes with a 3-year warrantee and we are here to help!

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