What kind of batteries do the SteriPEN products use?

Because of their superior power, well-known, brand name Lithium or Nickel Metal Hydride batteries are recommended. Lithium and NiMH batteries will usually provide about 100 treatments. Alkaline and NiCad batteries are NOT recommended for use with most SteriPEN water purification devices.

See user manuals for model specific information about treatments per set of batteries or compare SteriPEN models.

SteriPEN Adventurer Opti & SteriPEN Protector Opti

CR123 batteries for SteriPEN Adventurer Opti & Protector Opti

The SteriPEN Adventurer Opti and SteriPEN Protector Opti require two CR123 batteries.  One set of batteries will provide around 50 treatments.

If using rechargeable CR123 (RCR123) batteries, we recommend using the highest voltage available.  RCR123 batteries with voltages up to 4.2V per battery work well with Adventurer Opti and Protector Opti.  One set of rechargeable batteries will provide around 30 treatments.

Recommended CR123 battery brands:
Energizer CR123 photo lithium battery
Duracell Ultra DL123 (Photo Lithium battery)

SteriPEN Classic, Traveler, Emergency, & Defender

Recommended batteries for SteriPEN Classic, Traveler, Emergency & Defender Models

The SteriPEN ClassicTraveler, Emergency, and Defender use four AA Lithium or NiMH (rated 2300 or better) batteries.  One set of batteries will provide around 100 treatments.  If using rechargeable batteries, generally the higher the voltage the better the performance.  One set of batteries will provide around 80 treatments. 


Recommended brands:
Energizer E2
AA Lithium
Energizer Ultimate

3 thoughts on “What kind of batteries do the SteriPEN products use?

  1. Jon says:

    Hi there. I love my pen! It really helped on recent hike.

    Is it possible or recommended to use lithium ion rechargeable batteries in a steri pen classic?

    • SteriPEN Marketing Team
      SteriPEN Marketing Team says:

      Yes! You can use rechargeable batteries in your SteriPEN Classic or Classic 3. They will need to be NiMH rechargeable batteries. With rechargeable batteries you won’t be able to treat as many liters of water per charge, however you will still get good battery performance.

    • Kurt says:

      I used Energizer lithium batteries in my Steripen (this is the same design as the “classic” but before it was relabeled “classic”. They worked without difficulty through several days of backpacking/purifying water.

      I don’t know about any “rechargeable” lithium batteries in the AA form factor – what I used were the disposible kind. NiMH rechargeable reportedly work too – their energy density is far lower than lithium, so they’re not going to last as long (but you can recharge them!). My concern would be that the voltage (a lot of NiMH AA batteries don’t exceed 1.2 V, would be a problem for the Steripen.

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