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Journey to the Clouds documentary producer
loves his SteriPEN Classic

Nile Sprague is a film maker who with his mother, recently returned to a trek that she and his father had started a year before Niles was born but were unable to finish because of snowy winter conditions. Nile says the journey opened their hearts and spirits, “creating a space for us to connect in a way we never had before, and […]

SteriPEN Freedom - Recipient of the American Alpine Institute Guides' Choice Award
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Yahoo Travel Experts Recommend SteriPEN

Jarryd Salem and Alesha Bradford travel 365 days a year and advocate “sustainable tourism.” Those of us who travel less frequently can learn a lot about the actions we can take to become more responsible travelers.   10 Ways to Be a Responsible Traveler # 5. Minimize your waste. Waste management can be a major issue in developing countries, […]

SteriPEN Ultra
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Travel Expert Endorses SteriPEN Ultra

Kraig Becker, Adventure and Outdoor Travel Expert, names five high tech pieces tools that should be on the adventurer traveler’s essential gear list.   5 Pieces of Tech Gear Every Adventure Traveler Should Own SteriPen Ultra UV Water Purifier As adventure travelers we often find ourselves visiting developing nations, which often struggle to provide clean drinking water […]

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“SteriPEN revolutionized the way I travel”

An aspiring wildlife researcher and travel writer, Christine Chung is thirsty to see more of the world she is committed to conserving. Christine is passionate about understanding how wildlife and nature are perceived and protected in other countries. She is currently fulfilling her dream of becoming a world explorer by first solo backpacking through the continent […]

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Girls at Play guide’s SteriPEN is a game changer

Emily Shanblatt is a guide for Girls at Play, based in Asheville, NC and Girls at Play inspire women through kayaking, SUP, yoga and travel.   PACK LIKE A PRO: ADVENTURE KAYAKING WITH EMILY SHANBLATT Emily Shanblatt lives in Asheville, North Carolina, but plays all over the world as a professional kayaker and backcountry skier. The 27-year old […]