Homeward bound in a snowstorm? Three tips for safe travel

When snowstorms occur, it can throw a person’s everyday routine into a real bind. This is something that residents of Chicago and Detroit – as well as other cities across the Midwest – are finding out firsthand.

On Feb. 22, parts of the Midwest were hit by a storm that, according to CBS-News, could result in up to 3 inches of snow.

While this might be good news to youngsters who don’t have to commute to and from the office, for individuals who have travel in harsh conditions like these, the impact of a major storm can be immense.

From setting a portable water filter aside to avoiding the bad weather altogether, with these three tips, you can learn how to travel safely during a storm and overcome potential obstacles that may be in your path.

1. Wait out the storm – if possible
For many people, leaving work is one of the highlights of the day. The idea of kicking back and relaxing can be cause for celebration, but what if the weather outside your office’s doorstep is cause for alarm?

If it’s possible, you should plan your travel arrangements around the storm. For instance, if your local weather reports are noting that bad weather will hit later in the day, you should try to head home earlier than usual. However, if you’re stuck at work until the bitter end and by that point, the weather outside is raging something fierce, you may want to consider sticking around longer, at least until the roads you travel over are clear.

2. Have an emergency kit in your car
During inclement weather, accidents can sometimes happen that result in you becoming stuck or worse, stranded. While this is a frightening idea, by taking steps in advance to ensure that you’re prepared for anything, you can save yourself time and frustration down the line.

Having an emergency kit in your car can make all the difference in the world. The best kits include first aid materials, extra blankets, radios and an extra sweater or two.

Of all the items you can include, portable water filters are the best investment over time because they can ensure that you have access to safe drinking water no matter where you go. While this may not seem like the most essential concern, it can be if you wind up stuck in an area for days on end and need to find a source of water.

3. Brace yourself for delays
When snowstorms or other bouts of bad weather occur and you’re in the middle of your commute, sometimes all you can do is brace yourself for the inevitable: that means delays, delays and more delays.

If you have an appointment or plans for the evening, it may be a good idea to reschedule them earlier in the day to avoid accidents or misunderstandings from arising. But above all, you should try to keep your cool throughout this time and stay patient!

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