Adventurer Opti With Solar Charger

This Product Has Been Discontinued and is available in limited quantities at various retailers in the US.

That clear-looking water is most likely harboring microbes that could ruin your trip, so use the SteriPen Adventurer Opti Ultraviolet Water Purifier, which includes a solar charging case, to neutralize them.


UV light wipes out most waterborne pathogens including dysentery, diarrhea, cryptosporidium, and giardia without the use of chemicals. For adventurers who are off the grid for long stretches of time, the included solar charger lets you recharge the purifier’s batteries within hours. The purifier also includes a new, integrated feature: a built-in flashlight.

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FAQs for Adventurer Opti With Solar Charger

Q: My Journey malfunctions intermittently with a flashing unhappy face circle and unhappy face battery display. Sometimes it works OK and sometimes it gets set up with the 1L indicator but as soon as I put it in the water the unhappy faces come up. What's the story here? Thanks, Nat
— Asked by nat crosman on April 12, 2014
A: Hi Nat, The reason for the unhappy face when you place the Journey in water is dependent on where you are seeing it. If you don't have the User Guide that came with your SteriPeN, you can find it here: Please feel free to contact our customer support department at [email protected]
Q: I've loved my SteriPEN Adventure Opti for about 2 years, but have only used it about 30-40 times. When I started use this year, it responds as normal with a green light, then flashing green as well as flashing LED next to the UV light. The UV light doesn't seem to be lighting though. How can I verify it's working? What manufacturer warranties are on my pen?
— Asked by Micah Christiansen on April 14, 2014
A: Hi Micah - The indicators you describe sound like your Adventurer Opti is functioning normally. If you need no longer have your User Guide and need help remember the how the indicator lights work, you can find a copy of the instructions here: For safety reasons, the UV light will not turn on until it is placed in water. If you are unsure that it is lighting in water, we recommend placing it in a clear glass, possibly dimming the lights so that the light from the lamp is easily observed. If then you believe it isn't on, please contact our customer support department at 888-826-6234. Your SteriPEN comes with a 3-year warrantee and we are here to help!

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