What destinations are on your adventure travel bucket list?

What destinations are on your adventure travel bucket list?

Every world traveler’s got one, and the thing is, it just keeps getting longer with each passing year, no matter what kind of adventures are embarked on.

The bucket list is a collection of activities that people want to experience before they’re no longer able to. For those who enjoy adventure traveling, that bucket list is usually packed with exciting options for places to explore around the world.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just curious about what kind of options there are, this list could be just the thing to get you started on the path to exhilarating new discoveries.

Biking in Scotland
Scotland is as well-known for its scenic beauty as it is for its distinctive bagpipes and kilts. While many go to this quiet and brooding land for the historical value of its castles and other sites, individuals who enjoy the thought of new adventures would relish the opportunity to go biking along the ruins of Raasay, an area nestled between the Scottish mainland and the Isle of Skye.

Scaling the Eiger
Do you enjoy a good cliffhanger? If so, climbing the Eiger, a 13,025-foot limestone summit that juts out along the Swiss Alps, may be just the adventure for you!

According to National Geographic, the first successful climb up the Eiger was done in 1938, but since that time, more than 50 climbers have perished trying to scale this imposing mountain’s highest peaks. In 2008, one man attempted the first-ever free BASE, or parachute-protected free solo, climb up the Eiger.

While you may not be ready to perform a free BASE, taking a trip up the Eiger can help you make the most of your bucket list.

White-water rafting in Idaho
The Middle Fork of the Salmon in Idaho is one of the most legendary places in the world to go whitewater rafting. Spanning 105 miles and featuring a 3,000-foot drop, the Middle Fork is also regarded as one of the U.S.’s preeminent scenic rivers, and is protected by Congress against settlement.

The river, which begins in Stanley, ends in Salmon and takes about five or six days to travel down.

Before you embark on these adventures, you should also make sure you have everything you’ll need to stay safe throughout your journey. Packing along water purifiers can enable you to drink water no matter where you go. The best water purifiers work to remove bacteria and other harmful pollutants from water, making it safe for you consume anywhere!

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