American Express Essentials Says Every Serious Traveler Should Have A SteriPEN

SteriPEN Featured in American Express Essentials

SteriPEN is included in American Express Essentials list of the top 12 gizmos for serious Travelers.

12 Game Changing Gizmos Every Serious Traveller Needs

Travelling is fun, but it can also be a hassle to leave all our creature comforts behind. These innovative products for the habitual wayfarer are here to save the day.

SteriPEN Ultra

SteriPen Ultra

Next time you’re on the road, skip the plastic mineral water bottle and pick this rechargeable battery-powered handheld UV pen that purifies clear water, making it potable and free from 99.99% bacteria, protozoa and viruses. A single charge via USB is just the job for purifying 50 litres of water. Press once or twice depending on water volume, insert and stir until the smiley comes on. PS. there’s an unintended bonus when you feel like a Jedi wielding a UV saber…

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