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SteriPEN Ultra is a must-have for backpacker & travelers says Active Gear Review tests and reviews products they would be interested in purchasing to provide outdoor and athletic enthusiasts useful information on the gear they are considering for future outings.  SteriPEN Ultra Review SteriPEN Ultra Overview The SteriPEN Ultra is a fantastic water purification device that works easily, effectively, and is compact enough to fit in any pack. Thanks to […]

Laura - Teacher at Recess treating her water with SteriPEN
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Traveling teacher visits over 40 countries

And she does it without leaving a trail of plastic water bottles When her schedule allows, teacher Laura R enjoys traveling with Intrepid Travel, a company that encourages travelers to come prepared to treat their water so they’re not leaving trails of plastic bottles in countries that can’t support recycling. Before choosing a water treatment […]

Active Gear Review tests Classic 3 in Rwanda
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The verdict: SteriPEN Classic 3 is a great device Each year, Dan Gladden of travels to Rwanda, where he works as a director for a summer camp for orphans and vulnerable children. From past experience (apparently quite negative), Dan knows the importance of being prepared to treat the water in both his hotel and […]

Gear We Are reviews SteriPEN Freedom
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You know how Doctors tell you that staying out in strong sunlight may well give you Cancer, by damaging the cells in your skin? Well, the same principle is used to destroy the workings of tiny microbes in water by the UV-generating SteriPEN. It’s all down to DNA, which is fairly fragile stuff really and […]

Dr. Alex Rowe using the SteriPEN Ultra
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Expedition and Wilderness Medicine Expert, Alex Rowe, Recommends SteriPEN Ultra

The SteriPEN Ultra is a great addition to any travellers essential items. I regularly work as doctor on treks to places such as Africa, Morrocco, Greece and Burma. Safe water is essential to the success of these trips. The SteriPEN is light and one charge is enough for most trips for my personal use. I […]

Donna Chasing Clean Air
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Chasing Clean Air with SteriPEN Ultra

In July 2006, after observing black soot on her windowsill, Donna chose to stop accepting poor Los Angeles air quality, and start exploring clean air destinations, products and advocacy work, instead. In her blog, Chasing Clean Air, Donna focuses on clean air getaways and solutions to air pollution. In her review of SteriPEN Ultra, Donna […]