SteriPEN Classic 3
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Backpacker Magazine: Classic 3 Gear Review

Backpacker Magazine’s Gear Editor, Kristin Hostetter, tested SteriPEN Classic 3 during a two-week adventure in Nepal. After treating up to 8-liters per day for two weeks, Kristin concludes SteriPEN Classic 3 is a bargain for treating water in the backcountry or questionable water in urban settings.   Download PDF version.

SteriPEN Classic 3 Field Testing
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Backpacking Light reviewer gives Classic 3 the green light

Australian Research Scientist, Roger Caffin, has been hitting the trails throughout his life and in recent years, searching for the best light-weight gear to add to his pack. After field testing SteriPEN Classic 3, Caffin shared his experience with the Backpacking Light community.   SteriPEN Classic 3: Spotlite Review SteriPEN has heeded our pleas and […]

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“SteriPEN revolutionized the way I travel”

An aspiring wildlife researcher and travel writer, Christine Chung is thirsty to see more of the world she is committed to conserving. Christine is passionate about understanding how wildlife and nature are perceived and protected in other countries. She is currently fulfilling her dream of becoming a world explorer by first solo backpacking through the continent […]

Video review of SteriPEN Classic 3 by Living Survival
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Living Survival’s Water Filtration Week

SteriPEN Ultraviolet Water Filter Video Review During their water filtration week, Living Survival does a video review and demonstration of SteriPEN’s newest model, SteriPEN Classic 3 UV Water Purifier with Pre-Filter. Focusing on water purification methods that are effective in cold weather conditions, Living Survival recommends SteriPEN Classic 3 UV Water Purifier for survival kits […]

Active Gear Review tests Classic 3 in Rwanda
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The verdict: SteriPEN Classic 3 is a great device Each year, Dan Gladden of travels to Rwanda, where he works as a director for a summer camp for orphans and vulnerable children. From past experience (apparently quite negative), Dan knows the importance of being prepared to treat the water in both his hotel and […]

SteriPEN Classic 3 battery compartment
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Practical Travel Gear gives SteriPEN Classic 3 a thumbs up

Practical Travel Gear blog is a popular travel-gear-only content site, posting a new detailed review each weekday. Recently, editor Tim Leffel they tested our newest model, SteriPEN Classic 3. Here’s what he had to say. SteriPEN Classic 3 AA-powered Water Purifier We’ve reviewed several versions of the SteriPEN over the years and I’m a huge fan. It’s the […]

Fox News - SteriPEN Classic 3
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Fox News Features SteriPEN – Gadgets for the world traveler

Adam Housley showcases the SteriPEN Classic 3 water purifier in a story about gadgets that make life easier for those who travel internationally. Adam says, “It purifies water simply. It’s quick and very easy to do. It uses ultraviolet rays to do it destroying 99.99% of bacteria* basically. You just press a button and agitate […]