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Ever think about hitting the road for a year or so, and taking the whole family?

One of my favorite games to play with my wife when the kids are asleep and I have a glass of wine is to say, “When we’re traveling, do you think we’ll…” Some savvy family folks at Family Trek  have devoted a blog, and their lives to staying on the move.  They’ve started a series called Stupid Questions for World […]

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The Best Gear for Travelers Includes the SteriPEN Traveler

Great adventures demand great gear. That’s why we were so pleased to be included in the Bucket List Publications review of The Best Travel Accessories. The Traveler is designed to fit perfectly into commercial water bottles, forming a seal that lets you keep the water in the original bottle for purification. Just insert the Traveler […]

In the News, Travel, Traveler Includes SteriPEN Traveler in Review of Top 10 Eco-friendly Travel Gadgets

The SteriPEN Traveler is a great piece of equipment of any going abroad, that much is clear. It’s small, lightweight, takes AA batteries and keeps you from getting the Dreaded TD: Traveler’s D**rrhea. Nobody likes talking about it, but (no pun intended), worse than talking about it is having to cope with it. In a […]

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Survivalist Resource Reviews SteriPEN Traveler

Situations that fundamentally alter our daily lives can be temporary or long-term. In either case, safe drinking water is essential. The human body is ill-equipped to deal with prolonged dehydration, as you can see in the chart below from The site Neosurvivalism addressed the urgency of drinking water security in a recent review of […]