Journey to the Clouds documentary producer
loves his SteriPEN Classic


Nile Sprague is a filmmaker who with his mother, recently returned to a trek that she and his father had started a year before Nile was born but were unable to finish because of snowy winter conditions. Nile says the journey opened their hearts and spirits, “creating a space for us to connect in a way we never had before, and bringing us into incredible culture, geography, challenge, and rewards.” They hiked for 24 days from 3,000 to nearly 18,000 feet, walking over 150 miles, and coming within five miles of the Tibetan border. This was especially significant for Nile’s mother, who is an ordained Tibetan Buddhist nun.

Nile received the Wilbur Award for photography produced on the trip and is working on a documentary about the adventure, Journey to the Clouds. You can see some of the incredible imagery, a trailer for the upcoming documentary and the award winning photography on his website, Journey to the Clouds  or check it out on Facebook,

Nile’s Testimonial

I love my SteriPEN Classic. I’ve used it extensively on both backpacking trips and world travels. My favorite features are the quick sterilization time and ease of use, and the taste of the water after treatment – I can enjoy the taste of crisp, clear mountain stream water without the taste of chemicals or plastic that other sterilization methods would introduce. During travel in countries where tap water is not potable, I have saved lots of money and reduced environmental impact by using my SteriPEN to sterilize tap water instead of buying plastic water bottles.

I have also found SteriPEN’s customer service to be fantastic. My first Classic had an issue with the lamp, and the support team sent me a replacement quickly and easily. I was off traveling, and they even sent the replacement to the location where I was traveling, and were willing to wait until I returned home for me to send back the one that had shipped to my home address.

I’m a great advocate of SteriPEN, demonstrating it to other travelers and backpackers that I meet, and sharing my clean water with them. I wholeheartedly recommend SteriPen as a renewable, environmentally friendly and healthy way of producing clean water on nearly any adventure.

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