Outdoor activities to make the most of Japan

Outdoor activities to make the most of Japan

Japan's terrain is one of the most visually astounding in the world and offers a remarkable glimpse into the nation's perennial mystique and allure to the western world.

Whether you're headed to Japan for business purposes or you're actually visiting in order to explore this terrific region for the first time, some of these exhilarating outdoor activities can help make the experience more worthwhile.

Before you jump on a plane and head to the country, you should be sure to pack up portable water filters and other must-have items that you'll need during the stay. While you may not think so right away, having the best water filter that you can stow away in your bag can make it much easier for you to feel confident in your drinking water, and in turn, loosen up and enjoy your trip!

Hiking in Kanto
As Japan's most densely populated island – and the plain that features cities such as Tokyo and Yokohama – Kanto is a frequent haunt for tourists. The area includes seven prefectures and several of the most well-renowned outdoor attractions in Japan, such as Oze National Park, Nasu-Shiobara and Kairakuen Garden. The hiking trails and hot springs in these sites can be terrific and can really help you get a sense of Japan's true culture!

Scuba diving near Okinawa
As one of 160 subtropical islands off Japan's coast, Okinawa boasts an array of coral reefs and other aquatic treasures, which makes it a sterling choice for scuba diving and exploring what lies beneath the surface of waves. Snorkeling for the first time in Okinawa can even help you develop a lifelong appreciation for the activity.

Skiing in Hokkaido
This is the second largest island of Japan and is a hotspot for outdoor sports enthusiasts as a result of vast terrain, which is kept largely in its natural state. In the colder months of the year, Hokkaido can be snowy, and visiting sites such as Niseko, Rusutsu and Tomamu can be a magical way to spend your visit and also enhance your skiing abilities.

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