Proven Durability

SteriPEN products have been thoroughly tested by independent, third parties, for product safety, electronics and mechanical functionality.

Electronic testing has been conducted in house and at EBW Electronics of Holland, MI. Testing has centered on UV lamp and electronic circuit behavior and reliability. SteriPEN® lamps and electronics have been successfully cycle tested beyond their specified lamp life and operated at a range of temperature extremes. Every production assembly will be thoroughly electronically tested with individual test results archived, prior to being packaged.

Mechanical Testing has been designed to insure that SteriPEN® will stand up to some abuse. Pressure testing of seals around lamp and water sensors indicates good water tight integrity. And drop testing from 3 feet onto cement has shown good mechanical integrity with no component failure.

While we don’t recommend you do this at home, we tested the durability of a SteriPEN by shooting it out a a potato gun with the lamp cover in place. Here’s what we found.

2 thoughts on “Proven Durability

  1. Lori says:

    I am reading reviews regarding the Freedom product as this is the one I was planning to purhase. I am very nervous now because of all the poor reviews regarding poor performace and the charge not holding. Also the flash
    light coming on when it isn’t suppose to and draining the battery. Pls advise . Thank you

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