SteriPEN Premium Lamp Life Pledge


SteriPEN – The water purifier that comes with unlimited treatments


Are you a frequent user of your SteriPEN UV water purifier?
Worried you’ll use all your SteriPEN’s 8,000 activations?

Premium SteriPEN SteriPEN offers a Premium Lamp Life Pledge. If you reach the lamp life of your Premium SteriPEN (models providing 8,000 treatments) we’ll replace it with a new SteriPEN!


The Lamp Life Pledge is completely separate from the SteriPEN Warranty, and does not cover damage to the lamp. This is only for if your premium SteriPEN model has reached 7900+ does.


The Premium Lamp Life Pledge is offered on all registered SteriPEN Premium models purchased from
an authorized SteriPEN reseller. Visit to register your SteriPEN.

With the Premium Lamp Life Pledge, your purchase of a SteriPEN offers you an unlimited number of treatments. Deplete the 8,000 treatments from your purchased SteriPEN and we’ll back it up with a brand new SteriPEN (the same or a more recent, comparable model).

Your SteriPEN will indicate when it has less than 100 treatments remaining. When your SteriPEN displays the indicator alerting less than 100 treatments remaining, contact SteriPEN support to learn how to receive a Premium Lamp Life Replacement SteriPEN. Contact SteriPEN support by email at or by calling 888-826-6234 (outside the US call +1 763-746-3500). Upon verification that the unit has less than 100 treatments remaining, we’ll send you a new SteriPEN at no cost!

The Premium Lamp Life Pledge is offered with the following SteriPEN models, and only these models:

SteriPEN Adventurer Opti
SteriPEN Classic 3
SteriPEN Ultra
SteriPEN Freedom

SteriPEN UltraLight


SteriPEN must be operational in order to confirm the number of treatments used.
SteriPEN must be purchased from an authorized SteriPEN reseller.
This offer is subject to change at Katadyn North America’s sole discretion
without notice; other conditions and restrictions may apply.