Preparing for business or pleasure travel?
 Worried about getting sick from drinking water? Looking for a small, inconspicuous professional device? Or, the economical option for occasional trips? Consider the SteriPEN profile, treatment size, lamp life (3,000 or 8,000 treatments) and power source — internal rechargeable or AA batteries. SteriPEN makes water safe to drink so you don’t get sick and helps you avoid using plastic water bottles when traveling, saving you money and keeping plastics out of the waste cycle.


SteriPEN Pure+ Blue
The world’s smallest, lightest UV water purifier.

SteriPEN Ultra
SteriPEN Ultra
OLED display shows treatment status. USB rechargeable.

SteriPEN Aqua
The most affordable option – perfect for occasional travel

80% of travel-related illnesses are caused by contaminated drinking water.

Enjoy your trip without the fear of becoming ill from unsafe water with SteriPEN portable UV water purification. When traveling for business or pleasure, you invest time and money in your trip. SteriPEN keeps you and your family healthy while traveling – it’s like taking out a traveler’s insurance policy!

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John Mathe
 It gives me drinkable water in under two minutes, I can use it on the move, and it fits anywhere!
John Mathe Author - In the Footsteps of Greatness
Don Fletcher
In a survival situation clean drinking water is one of the main priorities, and the Adventurer Opti is great to ensure that what you are drinking is safe.
Don Fletcher Bear Grylls Survival Academy
No chemicals. Charge the battery before using and it’s good to go!
Donna Blogger - Chasing Clean Air



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SteriPEN consistently receives industry awards recognizing the effectiveness and convenience of handheld UV water purification.
 Time Magazine Award 

Outside Magazine